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Coffeeneuring 2 – Ardrossan to Ft Saskatchewan loop, Oct. 6

Ride number 2 this weekend was in Strathcona County – a loop from Ardrossan, through Josephburg, over to Ft Sask for coffee and back to Ardrossan.  Again, we have done a few variations on this ride but they all are between 50 to 65 km.  Today’s route was a nice 53 km (view the route here).  It was a little cool to start, around 8C, but we warmed up quickly as the first half of the ride was into a wind that was gusting to 28 kph.  We normally start this ride at 10 a.m. but due to a scheduling conflict with one of the riders, and to give the day a little time to warm up, we left at 12:30.  With the later start, and it being a Saturday, the roads were a little busier than on our weekday rides but still not bad.  We had a good pace line going the whole time, which gave us all a break from fighting the wind until we took our turn pulling.  The group was only 5 strong today and we all stuck together for the whole ride.  Coffee was at the Tim’s in Fort Saskatchewan.  No action pictures this time – with the wind out and our speed back, I was too busy holding on to the bars!

Cool but sunny, so we had our coffee outside.

Gerry, Darryl, Gary and Carolene relaxing in the sun.

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