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Pellestrina and Chioggia

On Sunday, Oct 4th, we left Certosa while eating breakfast and cruised past St. Mark’s square and on to the Lido, another island in the chain of islands that constitute Venice. We finally got on our bikes and did a loop around the north part of the island before heading towards the southern tip. The Lido is a long narrow island, with many beaches and one of the few islands that allows cars.


Our speed was barely faster than walking but it was good to get the legs turning again. We stopped for a short lunch at a bar, after about 9 km, then continued on to a ferry dock to catch yet another ferry to yet another island. After a quick 10-minute journey,  we were back on the bikes on Pellestrina another long, narrow island.


Riding through a few small seaside towns, we came to a long seawall leading to a National Park on the tip of the island.


It was a beautiful day and the seawall trail was spectacular, like riding on the battlements of a fort. The seawall was built to protect the sand from wave action washing away the dunes on the other side of it. We had to park the bikes at the entrance of the park then walk about half a km to the Adriatic. A few of us waded out into the sea, it being too nice to pass up.



After biking back the km to our barge, we boarded and headed off for Chioggia where we would spend the night. We only did 31 km today, A very relaxing ride.

Link to our route today.

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