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Coffeeneuring #6 – Lost and Found

Today was another ride out to Big Lake to see if anything had changed from yesterday.  Um, not so much. While I was on the viewing platform, a muskrat swam right below me but none of the pictures I took came out, as the camera seemed to focus on something on the water other than the muskrat 😦  First muskrat I’ve seen there in a while too.   I noticed some white dots off in the distance on the lake and, using the deck binoculars, determined that they were swans. But they were way too far away to take pictures of – just not a day for wildlife photos, I guess. And, although warm enough to force me to replace my jacket with a vest, it was pretty grey and spitting a bit, so the landscape didn’t look too remarkable either.

I decided to take another route back to town, just to vary my routine a bit.  I went through Heritage Lakes, got turned around by a detour on the trail, and ended up riding the streets for a while trying to find my bearings. I was successful on one front though – I discovered a nice dirt trail as an alternative to a paved one we usually ride. I have found that, when I lead a club ride in St. Albert, all I have to do is do a well known route in reverse and everyone thinks they are in someplace new! So, to throw in a new wrinkle like a dirt path instead of a paved one through a familiar area, is a bonus. I will definitely include it in next year’s tours.

My coffeeneuring target today was La Crema Caffe, in downtown St. Albert. As with yesterday’s destination, I hadn’t been there since last year. A difference with this cafe (caffe, I guess) is that all baking is gluten free. I tried a piece of banana bread and I must say that it was pretty good, although made with rice and potato flours.  It was shrink-wrapped, so doubtful that it was baked on site. They also make a decent, though unremarkable, latte.  I found the place a little pricey – $8 for the banana bread and a small latte – and that is enough to prompt me to go elsewhere for my regular caffeinations (probably not a word, but it should be). The price is likely why it has been a year since my last visit. That, and only indirect bike parking, i.e. 3 arty bike posts across the street, which loses it points in my book.

Latte and gluten free banana bread.

Latte and gluten free banana bread.

Bike rack across the street from the caffe - 2 out of the 3 posts in use! I guess it is legal to tie up to a bike rack right in front of a fire hydrant...

Bike rack across the street from the cafe – 2 out of the 3 posts in use! I guess it is legal to tie up to a bike rack right in front of a fire hydrant, seeing as the city stuck one in there!

Coffeeneuring #6

Date: Sunday, October 20, 2013

Place: La Crema Caffe, 44 St. Thomas St., St. Albert, AB

What: Latte and gluten-free banana bread

Distance: 21.4 km

Details: Gloomy but warm day so I explored neighborhoods, sometimes not intentionally.

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