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Certosa and Murano

On Saturday, Oct 3rd, after roaming around the city some more, we made our way over to the island of Certosa where our barge was moored, but not before a few more adventures. We were supposed to meet the rest of the Venice crew ( Lucille, JoAnn, Alan, Thelma, Brian, Susan, Bob and Alexandra) at a particular dock on St Mark’s Square at 3pm. Al and I had to take a vaporetto to get there but the others could walk. Al and I got on our ride but got separated by the crowd and Al ended up  getting off at the wrong St Mark’s stop. I saw him through the window from the inside and he looked a little panicked as we pulled away but it only took him a few minutes longer to figure out that the next boat would take him to the correct stop. Bob and Alex arrived shortly after but the rest were at least a half hour late, dragging their suitcases through the packed calles (streets) and Campos (squares).
We caught the right boat for Certosa and were on the island in 20 minutes. Not much there other than a marina and hotel but our barge had beer. The day was hot, the beer was cold and all was right with the world. The rest of the group arrived shortly after and we had our debriefing from the barge crew. The rest of the evening was socializing with everyone.


Just off the water taxi, heading onto Isola della Certosa.

The next day, Sunday Oct 4th, Rosita – our biking guide – set up a guided tour of a part of Venice that we had not yet seen. Notably, the more residential areas where tourists tend not to go because of the absence of souvenir shops and bars. The alleys and squares were mostly empty and quiet.


A quiet part of Venice. No stores so the tourists don’t flock here.


The hospital in Venice. It looks more like a conventional hospital from the other side except that all the ambulances are boats.

After lunch, some of us went over to the island of Murano, which is noted for it’s glass blowing industry. Originally, the glass blowing was located in Venice but, because it was such a fire hazard, the powers ordered it to be moved to another island. The blown glass was pretty but way too expensive. The island streets were a nice walk though.


The main street of Murano.


It was a lovely day for a walk by the seaside. Started to rain just after we arrived back at the barge so our timing was impeccable. Hope that luck holds for our biking the rest of the week.

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