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Whoever said “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” never flew Air Canada Rouge! After a nice, comfortable flight from Edmonton to Toronto on regular AC, we flew Rouge to Venice. Cramped, no legroom even for my short femur,  hot – first overnight flight where it was too hot to need the blanket – and only a poor choice of movies (that had to be streamed to your tablet). But we arrived safely though tired. Took the water taxi from the airport (€15) to a stop about a 5 minute walk to our hotel, dropped our bags off and proceeded to wander. And get lost of course.


It was a long night and a longer day. Venice is a maze of interconnecting alleys, squares and some wider streets, with bridges large and small over the ubiquitous canals. Or no bridge at all, just an alley ending in water. It takes some time to get your bearings, not being able to see much of the sky.
We met the rest of our group who arrived earlier and wandered some more, followed by an expensive supper. Everything in Venice is expensive! After supper, we made plans to meet our group the next day at 0900 in St Mark’s Square. Not to be.
We made our way back to our hotel, different from our friends, and then slept for 12 hours, waking at 0930. Guess we needed the sleep! We eventually found them, then took a boat over to Burano   one of the many islands that are a part of Venice.


Wandered around the streets, filled with vendors of the lace making that the island is known for, had another expensive meal and back to Venice for a pot luck brunch (lupper) in the apartment where Alan L, Thelma, Lucille and JoAnn were staying. And wine, of course. Getting back to our hotel was more of an adventure after the wine with a few wrong turns extending the trip. The 10 minute trip turned into a 30 minute one but it only added to the Venice experience.



To be continued…

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