On the ski hills, on the bike trails, and thru life in general


Mike is mostly retired but tries to stay young by skiing and biking, oftentimes beyond his limited ability.  Being a member of the Rocky Mountain Seniors Ski Club (www.seniorsski.com), he gets ample opportunity to share his recreational choices with many other like-minded seniors.

Mike at Panorama

At Panorama

On the bike

On the bike

The title of this blog is really a misnomer since anyone who has been on this planet for 60+ years knows that aging, and keeping active, is a constant uphill struggle.  Maybe that is why alpine skiing is so enjoyable now, because it may be the only time that gravity actually works in my favour.  Alas, the biking part is the summer yang to the winter yin.  Climbing the Edmonton river valley switchbacks and dirt trails, not to mention mountain passes in the Rockies, is just leg-burning, lung-busting, hard work that focuses the mind and humbles the soul.  But the downhill cruisin’ part makes it all worthwhile.

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  1. Anne Roecklein said:

    Hello, I’d like to ask you about licensing one of your photographs. Could you please email me at the address below? Thanks!

  2. Hi! I was wondering if it was safe to bike from St. Albert to the Garrison Canadian Forces in Edmonton? Is there a trail all along the way up there or it’s a lot of unavoidable highways/range roads? I may apply for a position within the base, and I thought it would be nice to bike since bus takes 2 hours (3-4 transfers) and make big detours through Edmonton. Thank you to answer at my email.

    • Hi Melanie –

      I bike from my home in the Woodlands neighbourhood to the Garrison fairly often. Usually it is with my road bike group just going out for a 50 km ride, so our route is a little convoluted. But I also ride out to the base on a more direct route. I usually follow the Red Willow multi-use trail up to it’s northern end by Kingswood Park. I then take Sturgeon Road (Range Rd 242a) which has a good shoulder, then turn left onto the multi-use trail beside Twp Rd 543a. Or you can follow the Twp Rd if you prefer. This takes you right to the base. The multi-use trails are in good shape and Sturgeon Rd is not bad for traffic. It is about 11 km from my home and takes less than a half hour. Hope this helps.

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