On the ski hills, on the bike trails, and thru life in general

Chioggia to Adria

Tuesday, Oct 6. We have found that the internet connection on the barge is inconsistant at best and mostly unuseable :(. Updates will have to wait until we get to Mantua and beyond. Trying to catch up might take some time.
Tuesday was our first cool and rainy day. After breakfast, Rosita took us on a walk around Chioggia. First up was a visit to the fish market. Chioggia is a fishing town and the main supplier of fish to all the towns in the region, as far away as Verona. The market building is about 100 meters long, with tables running the length of both sides, all filled with every kind of fish. Mussels, clams, shrimp, eels, octopii, squid, swordfish, tuna, all types of ocean goodies.

Fish market in Chioggia.

Fish market in Chioggia.

We were docked where a lot of the ships, large and small, offload their catch into the warehouses, surrounded by the noise and smells of a major fishing industry.

Trawler returning to port, much to the delight of the gulls.

Trawler returning to port, much to the delight of the gulls.

The rain, light though it was, didn’t let up on our walk and kept us moisturized off and on throughout the ride. We started in town, making our way through some heavier traffic, before entering quieter country roads. Link to our route today.

Riding in the rain in Italy.

Riding in the rain in Italy.

We eventually came to the delta of the Po River and were able to ride on one of the levees. These are great for biking, being long, flat, and mostly straight with few intersections. Lucille asked Rosita if we could go on ahead on our own, with no danger of getting lost. With permission granted, four of us bolted on ahead, glad to be able to open it up a bit. We actually got to cruise at 30 kph for a while!
The delta is full of bird life. Cormorants, white herons, grey herons, geese, ducks, egrets and, though not seen by us, flamingos who live in the delta year-round.
We moored up against the Ave Maria,  our sister ship. It is about twice the size  and more opulent than the Vita Pugna but I don’t think that it would be as personal an experience with that many people. They have 2 guides but they would have to split up into 2 biking groups I expect.
After supper, Rosita took us on her regular evening walk through whatever town we happen to be docked at. Adria is about 10 minutes away from the dock and we just ambled around until getting to the “downtown” area. It was very quiet,  with only a few locals about and no tourists other than us.
She stopped at a church to show us the elaborate door and stepped aside to let a local enter. The local was a member of the choir, going in for a practice, and she invited us inside to listen. Wow – what a find! There were only 6 singers, no organ or piano for accompaniment, but were they ever good! We stayed for 3 songs, all obviously religious in nature and in Italian/Latin, and enjoyed it immensely. A great end to another lovely day.


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