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Coffeeneuring 4 – Oct. 19

The “nice” cycling days are dwindling so I was looking forward to a pleasant (i.e not snowy and cold) ride around St. Albert today, complete with my requisite coffee at a shop not previously visited (for coffeeneuring purposes anyway).  My plans looked like they might have to be amended when Dick sent out an email to all the roadies in our group, to meet at our usual time and place for a Friday ride to the army base.  Since I have already counted this as a coffeeneuring ride, it looked like I would have to extend my ride so that I could take in a second coffee stop.  As fate would have it, NOBODY showed up to ride except me!  The weather was a bit cooler than forecast but still above zero, dry, and not windy, so it is a mystery as to why no one showed.  Not wanting to cruise trails on my road bike, I went home, changed clothes, changed bikes and set out again to follow my original agenda.

I took my usual route along the Red Willow Trail to the viewing platform on Big Lake.  Still lots of ducks and geese on the lake and ponds, resting and fueling up for their trip south. The air is full with honks and quacks and all the other bird noises (peeps from the shorebirds, screeches from the raptors…).  There were a few binocular-carrying pedestrians on the trail and boardwalk, and a few dog walkers, but I met no other cyclists. Jeez – it wasn’t THAT bad a day for riding!  The sky was leaden grey though and, although I took about a dozen pictures, they all looked as dull as the sky. Fall, on a sunny colour-enhancing day, is wonderful for photos. Fall, on a dull, grey day, is – well – dull and grey, although I am sure my lack of photographic talent has something to do with that assessment :/

Fall is aptly named.

I stopped for coffee at La Crema Caffe on St. Thomas Street in St. Albert.  Nice shop, good coffee, yummy treats, a little pricy.

Cold camera + warm cafe = foggy lens. Note to self: check lens before snapping pic 😦

Coffeeneur 4

Date: Oct. 19

Place: La Crema Caffe, 44 St. Thomas Street, St. Albert

What: Small coffee, BIG cinnamon bun

Distance: 19.4 km

Details: A there-and-back on Red Willow Trail to Big Lake.


Comments on: "Coffeeneuring 4 – Oct. 19" (4)

  1. […] seen a lot of delicious treats on the coffeeneur tweets and blogs, like this sticky roll from Cruisin’ Downhill. He says the picture is foggy; I say it’s a soft […]

  2. missgeorgieo said:

    wow that’s a Danish & a half!

  3. […] fray and his photos of Heart Coffee Roasters’ cappuccino and roaster make me want to go.    Cruisin’ Downhill prepares for colder days in Edmonton, Alberta on his latest ride to a small coffee, a BIG cinnamon […]

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